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Identity fraud & Importance of Digital Identity

Naushaad K. Malleck

2 Dec 2022

The act of collecting personal information from an individual and using it to carry out criminal acts by usurping their identity is at the very heart of identity theft. The consequences of same are highly detrimental to both the people targeted and the corporate world.

Businesses need to constantly assess their identity verification process to remain trusted by their customers. Documents such as passports, identity cards and driving licences were used to verify the identity of a person. With the digital era, these documents were transferred to the digital world by simply converting them in the digital format. Then there was the need to ensure that the person presenting the digital format of the document was really the true owner of same. Now the Artificial Intelligence Era demands more…

Without a standard process and a central authority to confirm the legitimacy of an identity, businesses may suffer specially when it comes to new laws and regulations regarding verification.

As regulations impose more demanding verification processes, it will become increasingly necessary for businesses to select a trustworthy solution, which takes care of verification quickly and effectively.

Your digital behaviour dictates your digital identity and will soon be part of the verification process.

Download the document to read more and let me have your views……

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Identity Fraud & Importance of Digital Identity
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